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Giant panda is a kind of tame animal with unique black and white fur. Because of the small numbers, panda is listed as endangered species. Panda has a special meaning toward the WWF. Since the founding of the fund in 1961, panda has been its symbol. Panda, which lives in the forest of the south-west of China, is the rarest in bear species. Nowadays, there are approximately 1000 pandas in the world. These animals whose food is mainly bamboo are under serious threat. Thus, the survival of panda is much more important than ever before.

Many people are fond of Chinese cuisine. In China, it is not only regarded as a craftsmanship, but also as an art.An exquisitely prepared Chinese cuisine is a feast for both the mouth and the eyes. The culinary skill and dish ingredients vary in different regions of China, but good Chinese cuisines always share something in common, i.e. the color,aroma, taste and nutrition. As food is vital for one’s health, a good chef always tries to strike a balance among grains, meat and vegetables. That’s why Chinese cuisine is tasty and healthy.

The Chinese Internet communities are developing at the highest speed in the world. There were about 420 million netizens in China in 2010 and this numbers keeps increasing rapidly. The growing popularity of the Internet brings about significant social changes. Chinese netizens are different from their American counterparts. The latter is more motivated by real needs. They use Internet as tools of sending emails, purchasing goods, doing research, planning tours or making payments. Chinese netizens use Internet for social reasons. Therefore, Internet forums, blogs and chat rooms are more widely used。